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The Team

Rich (he/him) CEO and Website Manager
Rich is the director of Hatchlings Games. After studying creative writing, he tried the life of a novelist, but quickly craved collaboration. With Hatchlings Games, he's been gifted the opportunity to work with creatives he deeply admires, honour a decade working with the Deaf community and fulfil a dream of making something his daughters would be proud of.

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Steph (they/them) Project Manager and Social Media Lead 
is a professor, engineer, game writer, and blogger who runs! They have a 4yo kid who they love playing games with (and designing games for), and enjoy playing TTRPGs with their friends too. Their favorite TTRPGs usually have some science elements to them, and they like incorporating educational elements into many of the games they create.

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Scriv (she/they) Producer, Sensitivity Lead and Client Engagement
Scriv is an indie TTRPG writer and game designer who uses their professional background in Cultural Psychology to create immersive worlds and family-friendly adventures. Their main projects include Bard RPG, Cryptid Creeks, working as a designer and sensitivity editor for Tattered Bear, and live-streaming TTRPG content on Twitch!

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Josh (he/him) CFO, Merchandise Manager and Client Engagement
Josh has been a TTRPG Illustrator for the past four years. He is also the creator of WOAD: Stone to Stone, a solo TTRPG based on Welsh Mythology. His illustrations have contributed to Inspirisles and Overisles, Caravan Endures, Adventures in ADHD, Bard RPG, Arkelion, Amazing & Extraordinary Encounters, The Dawn after Dark and more.

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