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Our Clients

Fable McDaniel (ze/zir) is the CEO of Rhetorical Answers, LLC. Zir main projects have included FableDoom (TTRPG), Stories for Monsters (podcast), and several musical albums under Rhetorical Answers; Fable has also contributed to Of This Light (comic), Anachronistic (podcast), and How to Draw Without Dying (podcast). Ze has been weaving tales with a combination of sound, art, writing, and TTRPGs for a decade with the combined powers of caffeine and empathy.

Dan Bronson-Lowe (he/him) is a dad and a creator who delights in having those two roles intersect. Over the last couple of years he has worked with his daughter - now age 12 - as Almost Bedtime Theater, with the aim of introducing families of all kinds to TTRPGs and creating content appropriate for players of all ages.

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Laura Govednik (she/her) is the owner of Lucky Newt Games and creates TTRPGs and tabletop games that promote family-friendliness and equity. There are around 50 titles available under the Lucky Newt Games name, including 5 Second Rule, Whistling Wolf Café, and One Cranky Dragon. She lives in the Pacific NorthWest with a rambunctious toddler referred to as MiniNewt and her infinitely-patient partner-in-life, Nick.

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Ash (he/him) is a father and the CEO behind Crossed Paths and the Akeroth Campaign Setting. Over the last few years he has worked on creating a world that promotes inclusivity and representation with the hope that his son can gather his friends in the future to explore Akeroth themselves. He also runs the Crossed Paths Podcast where he speaks to other creators in the TTRPG space on a mission to understand how newer creators can get break into the space. 

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Anya (she/her) is a longtime TTRPG player who got into Actual Plays after she moved to Germany in 2019. She's written a number of solo journaling and multiplayer TTRPGs and crowdfunded production of one of her recent games, Tea & Toadstools, in the Spring of 2023. Her games have been featured on podcasts such as A Game of One's Own and Roll Plus Heart. There is nothing she loves more than sharing her inspiration and games with folks who love them just as much as she does!

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